Meet Huggable Hope

GMH_Huggable_HopeThe sweet companion duck to Chemo Duck, Huggable Hope is a soft and cuddly pal for brothers, sisters, cousins and friends of a child going through cancer treatment. Like Chemo Duck, Huggable Hope is an important part of a child’s medical team. She lets others show their support and gives them a toy duck of their own to cuddle and comfort!

Huggable Hope likes all kids to feel special. She’s there when they feel left out, sad, worried or even angry. She helps kids express their feelings and sympathize with what’s happening to someone they love. Huggable Hope is a constant friend during a time that can be confusing and difficult. She likes kids to feel as if they’re an important and needed part of the Chemo Duck “feel better” team.Huggable-Hope

Huggable Hope is the same size and shape as Chemo Duck, but doesn’t have his medical teaching tools. Like Chemo Duck, she likes to wear a bandana, but hers is blue. She’s furry and warm, and loves to snuggle just as much as Chemo Duck. When she’s around Chemo Duck, she likes to keep him company. Sometimes Huggable Hope takes care of him, too. And just like Chemo Duck, she likes to be called by her very own, special name.

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