Kimmie Cares

We are often asked to provide Chemo Ducks to mothers receiving chemotherapy. Chemo Duck can be used to teach children about the cancer treatment of a parent or loved one.

We are honored that our program is being used in this manner, and are glad to provide him to families to educate children in any way necessary. That being said, we would like to bring another tool to your attention, one specifically designed to help young children understand their mothers’ cancer treatment.

Kimmie Cares™  is specifically designed to encourage the emotional support and reassurance that is needed to battle cancer. The Kimmie Cares doll and book help women with cancer explain the physical changes and emotions that occur during chemotherapy treatments, particularly hair loss.

The dolls are cuddly soft, machine-washable and are available in 5 ethnic varieties (Caucasian, African-American, Hispanic, Asian and Native-American.) Each doll comes with two different removable wigs so they can easily be altered to reflect the stages of hair loss and regrowth accompanying chemotherapy treatments.

All of us at Gabe’s Chemo Duck Program love the Kimmie Cares Doll and book. The dolls are beautifully made and wonderfully soft. We feel that the ability to cuddle or sleep with your doll is very important to young children and the Kimmie Cares dolls would be a fantastic substitute for Mom if she is not available for cuddling. The book is fantastic too. “Mommy and Me: Taking Care of Each Other” emphasizes the importance of the partnership between parent and child during the journey through cancer. The book covers some of the physical and emotional changes during cancer treatment in a way that is age appropriate and gentle.

Kimmie Cares dolls are available for $39.95, (plus shipping and handling), and come with a beautifully illustrated, 35-page book.