The Gift of Sunshine

“Whatever you do unto the least of these, you do unto me.” Matthew 25:40

Tim Richards, owner of Let It Shine Gymnastics, takes this scripture whole-heartedly. For the past 30 years, Richards and his wife Janie, have created more than just a program to teach gymnastics.

“We are a kid ministry,” said Richards. “We try to partner up with different organizations in our area to minister to those in need.

“What Lu is doing with Chemo Duck and Gabe’s My Heart is amazing. Hospitals are such tough places and if there is anything we can do to make things more comfortable or bring peace to the little ones, then we are all for it.”

Over the past year, Richards has committed to sponsoring 200 ducks that will be utilized by children, families and hospitals to teach children about the various medical therapies they will experience over the course of their cancer treatments.

Richards hopes that his gyms’ support of the program will help provide a little sunshine to the thousands of children battling cancer.

“We have known Gabe and his family for years,” said Richards. “He has been involved in our program.

“Seeing Gabe and knowing what Lu is working so hard to accomplish, we feel good standing shoulder to shoulder with such a wonderful ministry.”

Let It Shine has programs in both the Cool Springs and Spring Hill, Tennessee areas.