Share Your Chemo Duck Story

Thank you for being a part of the Chemo Duck family! We are always looking for ways to better tell our story, share our impact and get to know YOU better. As we well know, owning a Chemo Duck is not something you ever want to find yourself doing – but once you are in that place, it is our mission that you find a moment of hope and comfort – not just for your child but for your entire family.

By sharing your own unique story, you will help us continue that mission. You can help us comfort another family out there who may have just been given an unwelcomed diagnosis and don’t know where to turn. You have our word that we will not give out any contact information – and if you would like to change your name(s), you are welcome to do so for extra privacy protection.

Again, thank you for giving of your time, your story and your hope.

Max. file size: 20 MB.