Parent-to-Parent Guide

You have found yourself on a path that no parent or caregiver ever imagine themselves walking. You may feel shocked and unable to comprehend this situation right now, but tomorrow you will wake up on this same trail and possibly be ready to take the first few steps. What are the steps you need to take to re-organize your life?

No two families will follow the exact same path; each family has a different set of needs, emotions and circumstances. Our Parent-to-Parent Guide was developed from not one family’s experience, but the experiences of many families who have faced childhood cancer head on. Together, they offer you their combined knowledge and insight into creating your own pathway to living with childhood cancer.

All of the links below, link to a PDF file for each section of our Parent-to-Parent Guide.

1. Table of Contents 7. Support Plan
2. Diagnosis Information 8. Home Plan
3. Foreword 9. Doctor and Hospital Plan
4. Reality Check 10. Financial Plan
5. Communication Plan 11.Resources
6. Education Plan 12. How Can We Improve?