Passport Program

Pasport-Program-btnHey parents! In order to reward your child for his or her bravery and patience during treatment, we came up with a fun program just for Chemo Duck kids! We hope you will participate in our Chemo Duck Passport Program:

  1. Please consider sharing your Chemo Duck story or join our mailing list.
  2. Download our passport documents for your child.
  3. Take your passport and Chemo Duck along with you to your doctor visits.
  4. Ask your doctor, nurse or childlife specialist to stamp, sign or give you a sticker for your passport each time you visit the hospital for treatment.
  5. Once you have a total of 10 stamps, print out the mailer, fold, seal and stamp it then drop it in the mail to us. Also be sure to print the Passport Program Certificate and hang it somewhere special!
  6. Watch the mail and we will send you a special t-shirt for your very own Chemo Duck!

If you lost or don’t have a passport, we’ve got you covered! Simply download this printable passport and follow the directions on how to assemble.

We would also like to invite friends, siblings and other family members that have a Huggable Hope duck to participate in the Passport Program! It can be really tough when someone you love is sick and your support means the world. We welcome them to join in on the fun by treating your Huggable Hope with love and great care at home. Have a grown up or friend give you a sticker or stamp each time you treat your Huggable Hope at home then simply print out and send in the mailer when your passport is complete and we will send out a special gift to you as well! You can print out the Passport Program Certificate as well and be sure to hang it somewhere special!