Links for Parents

To create a web page to update your family and friends try these useful websites:
Care Pages

Financial Assistance
To seek limited financial assistance with certain expenses related to treatment visit some of the following websites:
Cancer Care or call: 1–800–813–4673 (1–800–813–HOPE)

Insurance Issues
For assistance with patient insurance or finding programs that will help with costs of healthcare:
Patient Advocate Foundation

Travel Assistance
To find information about all forms of charitable, long-distance medical air transportation and get referrals to appropriate sources of help available contact:
National Patient Travel Center (or call: 1–800–296–1217)
Corporate Angels
Mercy Medical Airlifts
Air Charity
Air Lifeline

Temporary Housing
To find temporary housing program for families of cancer patients who are undergoing treatment:
Hope Lodge
Ronald McDonald House

Childhood Cancer Guides
Cure Search
American Cancer Society
National Cancer Institution
American Childhood Cancer Organization

The statistics surrounding childhood cancer and cancer are staggering. We understand that your time is precious but it takes very little and there is no commitment to joining these e-campaigns. You will be improving public awareness of the issues surrounding childhood cancer and learning about the current initiatives that affect the care of children with cancer.
Cure Search
Wear Your Gold Ribbon Pin

The National Transplant Assistance Fund
To find help with fundraising for uninsured expenses related to bone marrow transplants, and to research the bone marrow registry.
Transplant Fund
National Marrow Donor Program
Bone Marrow Donors Worldwide

Nausea Control
Queasy Pops

Smoking Cessation
Free Clear
Lung USA