Meet Chemo Duck

Chemo Duck is a cuddly pal who plays a very important part of a child’s medical team. Chemo Duck helps kids feel better when they have cancer. He helps mommies and daddies take care of their child and can also help brothers, sisters, cousins and friends understand what is happening to someone they care about.

Chemo Duck likes to wear his blue hospital scrubs and his bandana. His bandana keeps his head warm. Chemo Duck is 12 inches tall. He is also very soft and loves big hugs. He likes for kids to feel safe when they are going through treatment. He also likes to “play doctor” and to be cared for.

There are two types of Chemo Ducks. One has a Hickman line and wears a red bandana. The Hickman line is also called a central line. A central line is on the chest area. The other Chemo Duck has a Port-A-Cath. He wears a yellow bandana and has a small bump under his bandage. The bump is where the medicine goes when the child is getting medicine at the hospital.

All Chemo Ducks have a little cover that goes on their arm. This is called a no-no arm immobilizer. This helps hold the IV in place. Chemo Ducks also have deep belly buttons. The belly button is where Chemo Duck’s feeding tube goes.

If you have a Chemo Duck, be sure to give him or her a name. Chemo Duck likes to be called by his or her name and Chemo Duck also loves to snuggle. If you have a Chemo Duck, be sure to love and care for him – he’s an important part of your family.