Here are some commonly-asked questions regarding our hospital program. We hope to not only provide answers, but also encourage you to sign up for Gabe’s Chemo Duck Hospital Program. We feel confident that you will immediately see the positive impact this program has on your patients.

How do I sign up and order?

To sign on as a Chemo Duck affiliate hospital, you have to register by completing our online application.

Once your account is activated you can order Chemo Ducks online and you will be registered as an affiliate program. We will send you an email with your store login information.

Each time you wish to place an order for Chemo Ducks you can login and place bulk orders.

Can we still obtain Chemo Duck if we don’t have funding?
Yes, we can help match donors to your hospital. If you are unable to find funding to cover the cost of our program, we will gladly help your hospital with fund-raising efforts so you can offer our program to your patients and families. We will grant your first order of no more than 48 Chemo Ducks to help get our program off the ground. Together, we will attempt to identify a sponsor in your area to ensure sustainability of Gabe’s Chemo Duck Program for your facility. If we have not identified a sponsor together prior to your next order Gabe’s Chemo Duck Program will review your needs and develop a plan to make sure you can receive ducks on a regular basis.

In order to receive Chemo Ducks, we ask for your support in the following ways:

  • Identify funding opportunities in your area so your hospital can be matched with an appropriate donor as soon
    as possible.
  • Assist all Chemo Duck patients and families with an introduction to the program and online registration.
  • Collaborate with our communications team to make a formal announcement about the launch of Gabe’s Chemo Duck Program to your local media.
  • Provide a list of any local organizations that support childhood cancer needs so that together we can identify partnership opportunities.


Can a hospital or donor donate by credit card?
Yes. Our preferred method of payment is by credit card and orders can be placed through our website.

How do we manage the program?
Typically, hospitals that offer Chemo Ducks to their patients work closely with their child life or social work departments. Since child life specialists and social workers are so closely connected to the patients and families, it makes sense for them to coordinate when to present the patient with their duck. The Gabe’s Chemo Duck team is happy to assist you in setting up the program and can partner you with other peer organizations to help discuss their experiences with the program. Usually, hospitals place reorders about once a year. Orders are placed in our online store. Shipments usually take approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

How many ducks will we be provided?
The minimum order of Chemo Ducks is six at $50 each, and can be ordered in multiples of six thereafter. Whether you need 12 or 1,000 ducks, we are committed to ensuring the Gabe’s Chemo Duck Program is a benefit for patients and families, as well as the hospital.

Does the program come with material?

When a hospital joins Gabe’s Chemo Duck Program they receive the following:

  • One training booklet with useful information about Chemo Duck, delivery information and parental information.
  • One copy of the Chemo Duck DVD that shows parents how to use Chemo Duck.
  • Port-A-Cath and Hickman Brovaic Ducks, each one accompanied by an introductory book,“Meet Chemo Duck.”
  • Copies of “I’m Still Me” activity book for use with families.• Access to print all of our printable materials including Parent-to-Parent Guide.


How do we re-order Chemo Ducks?
Usually, a facility reorders Chemo Ducks about once a year. Orders can be placed directly online.

Additional Information:

  • Once Chemo Ducks are delivered to your facility, they should be distributed by hospital staff with the accompanying program materials previously mentioned. A basic education lesson should also be provided to assist parents in learning how to best use Chemo Duck.
  • Please note that once you receive your Chemo Ducks, we ask that they are not returned to sponsors or moved to another facility without permission from Gabe’s My Heart, the nonprofit that oversees the Gabe’s Chemo Duck Program.
  • In placing this order, we understand that we are not allowed to solicit funds from families who receive services or material from Gabe’s Chemo Duck Program.