Meet the Gang

Learn all about our Chemo Duck Kids

dr-melissaDr. Melissa

Dr. Melissa lives with her husband Dr. Troy and her dog Hoover.

Dr. Melissa is Gabe’s Oncologist, although she has never had cancer she does take medicine for diabetes and understands what is like to visit the doctor all the time.

Dr. Melissa likes to golf, hike with Hoover and ride her bicycle.




Age: 8
Diagnosis: Rhabdomyosarcoma

Gabe has no brothers or sisters

Gabe loves puzzles including his rubix cube. He also enjoys video games, chess and gymnastics.

Connor the Chemo Duck belongs to Gabe, but Gabe loves to share Connor with all his friends so they can learn about cancer treatment too.


Age: 3
Diagnosis: A.L.L.

Zack has one brother named Toby who is one and a Big Sister named Jenn who is eighteen.

Zack loves to play musical instruments, dancing to The Wiggles, Peppa Pig, art, planes & helicopters!

Zack is an extraordinary young man with educational Special needs. Zack can have trouble expressing himself so Chemo Duck can be very useful to help him.



Age: 12
Diagnosis: AML

Gigi has a Big brother named Miles who is 14 and she had a twin sister named Jade who died from cancer when she was 2 years old.

Gigi loves writing poetry, songs and playing flag football.

Gigi was first diagnosed with AML at 18 months old and has relapsed twice. The second time Gigi relapsed she was afraid of losing her hair. Chemo Duck helped her to learn that she was still the same kid with out without her cool Afro!


Diagnosis: brain stem glioma

Hannah has one sister named Felicity who is 3 years old.

Hannah loves to draw play with her kittens and eat chocolate donuts. Along with her Chemo Duck Hannah has a sock monkey named Dexter and she loves unicorns. Sometimes Hannah does not feel like taking about how she feels so she tells her Mommy how Chemo Duck feels instead.


Age: 5
Diagnosis: Retinoblastoma

Sammy has 1 big brother named Michael who is 12 years old, he has a pet dog named Elvis and a fish named Jaws.

Sammy loves to play the piano and do jigsaw puzzles. When he feels well enough he likes to play soccer with his brother.

Sammy has a best friend named Becky who visits him at the hospital. Becky and Sammy play with Chemo Duck together it makes Sammy feel great to be the doctor for a change!

Age: 7
Diagnosis: Non Hodgekins Lymphoma

Oscar has 3 sisters: Lydia who is 14, Sasha who is 12, and Angel who is 7. Angel is Oscar’s twin sister.

Oscar loves Nerf guns, playing hide and seek and Pokemon. He likes to watch Star Wars movies with his pet hamster named Henry who is his best friend.

Oscar taught his sisters all about Chemotherapy using his Chemo Duck.