I’m Still Me Video Gives Hope to Kids in Chemo

A few years ago Gabe’s Chemo Duck Program collaborated with the amazing musical learning program Flocabulary to create a powerful message for kids living with cancer.

“I was listening to a podcast that featured an educational song by Flocabulary and I was struck by what a powerful medium song would be to put across messages to children living with cancer,” said Lu Sipos, founder and CEO of Gabe’s Chemo Duck Program. “I reached out to Alex at Flocabulary and was shocked that he agreed to help. Everyone involved in the writing and animation understood the value of the project and created something far better that I could have imagined.”

The results is a sensationally fun song that lets kids know that cancer doesn’t change who they are on the inside. It has been one of the Chemo Duck Program’s best collaborations to date!