Thank you, Sarah Grace Foundation!

The Sarah Grace Foundation memorializes the late Sarah Grace, who passed away from leukemia in November 2002. The Sarah Grace Foundation is an all-volunteer charity, which means that all proceeds from events go directly to financial aid, funeral expenses, meal and transportation expenses, core programs, “The Bead Program”, “The Escape Hatch”, “Sarah’s Angels Book Program” and of course, their generous sponsorship of Chemo Duck. Additionally, the foundation provides toys, games, parties, ballgame outings and more to help ease the burden of these wonderful children as well as their siblings.

The Sarah Grace Foundation has been working with Gabe’s Chemo Duck Program since 2011 when a hospital partner informed Matt Weippert, Sarah’s dad, about it.  Matt was reminded so much of Sarah and her desire to help others that the foundation made a commitment to sponsor it throughout their region, and have remained committed to Chemo Duck ever since.

The Sarah Grace Foundation has been heavily focused on the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)  with key interest in bereavement time after the loss of a child. The original FMLA did not allow for bereavement time for the loss of a child (for any reason), so the foundation has been working with their local Congressman and others throughout the country to amend the legislation to include this bereavement time. While amended legislation has been introduced to Congress multiple times, it still has not presented to a successful vote. The foundation is hopeful that the current Congress will accept and pass the legislation known as “The Sarah Grace-Farley-Kluger” Parental Bereavement Act. (H.R. 983) 

Please see links to the bill and a recent presentation on the floor of Congress:

We are so grateful for all that the Sarah Grace Foundation helps us with! We truly cannot fight this battle alone.

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Shailey Loves Her Chemo Duck

Shailey is a kindergarten student who will be turning six this April. Shailey’s mom, Skye, first noticed a large lump in her neck and took her to their family doctor who prescribed Shailey antibiotics. When that didn’t help, Skye took Shailey to see an ENT. After she was tested for cat-scratch fever with negative results, Shailey had a biopsy and was diagnosed with cancer the next week.

“It quickly climbed from stage one to stage two, then stage three, and finally, after a PET scan, we found out she was stage four,” said Skye. “Thankfully it wasn’t in her bone marrow.”

Shailey had a PICC line placed and then her medi-port. She loves that her Chemo Duck, Quackley, has a port just like she did.

After two rounds of chemo, Shailey was approved for clinical trials immediately. The good news? The cancer is mostly gone!

Shailey has completed three rounds and has been taking everything like a champion! “We had a rough patch after the first round and she ended up getting cellulitis in her eye, along with the flu and sinusitis,” said Skye, “Two more rounds, no radiation and she should be done!”

Shailey really misses school, but she gets to Skype with her class every Friday and she has a Monkey in her school chair to help the class be part of her journey.

Shailey has learned how to rig up an IV and IV bag to give Quackley her medicine! She loves playing with her Chemo Duck and helping Quackley get better, too.

Skye jokes, “I think we have a future nurse on our hands here.”

Thank you to Skye and Shailey for sharing your story with us. We are all rooting for you!