This Group is Second to None!

We are so grateful for the hard work of  Second II None MC (Motorcycle Club), based out of Los Angeles, California. Its Houston Chapter has been working to help children with cancer since 2016, when they first teamed up with MD Anderson Cancer Center and later learned about our program. Since then, they’ve held several successful fundraisers for us, as they saw the benefit of the Chemo Duck being an educational, play therapy tool.

In 2017, Second II None MC was able to purchase 30 Chemo Ducks for children at the hospital. In 2018, they held a Chemo Duck Drive and were able to purchase a total of 80 ducks! Moving forward, Second II None MC will host their 4th Annual Chemo Duck Drive in December and hopes to double the number of ducks purchased each year as they look to start a Christmas in July initiative.

Second II None MC currently has 25 chapters in 11 States, and the Houston Chapter was founded in 2011. It is under the leadership of Johnny “J-Fatt” Schooler and Sean “Big Truck” Turner. The mission of the club is to promote brotherhood, serve the community and give back in areas where needed. We are so thankful for all their hard work for us and their continued commitment to so many families in the Houston community!

You can learn what Second II None MC of Houston is up to on their Facebook page!

Eli Loves his Chemo Duck

Eli is three years old and has been in the hospital since November 2018 after being diagnosed with Medulloblastoma. He had an emergency surgery when he and his family found out about the mass on his brain. He was rushed to New Orleans Children’s Hospital, where he underwent surgery to have the mass removed. It had been growing since he was just a baby, but he had never experienced any developmental delays and had always been a very independent child.

He went from running in his front yard with his little brother and sister to not being able to walk, eat or talk.

He has completed three weeks of radiation and therapy, as well as two weeks of chemotherapy. He is almost walking again and is getting back to his old self.

One of Eli’s doctors gave him his Chemo Duck when he first received his port. Eli’s Chemo Duck has taught him about his own port and how the medicine works to help him get better.  He loves his Chemo Duck because he has been by his side for most of this journey.

Like most young boys, Eli loves cars, motorcycles, monster trucks, airplanes and Paw Patrol.

Eli’s family remarked, “It’s amazing how such big changes can happen in such a small window of time.”

Everyone with Gabe’s Chemo Duck Program is sending well wishes to Eli. Thank you to Eli’s mom, Renesmee for sharing Eli’s story with us!