More Than Just a Duck

Gabe’s Chemo Duck Program strives to offer a variety of tools to child life specialists and social workers’ that can be used not only to educate your patients, but also to break the ice with shy or reticent little ones.

We have compiled all of our activities into one special area for kids so you can share the fun and games with your families. We encourage families, child life specialists and social workers to register for an account so we can keep you updated when we add new printable sheets.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for fun or exciting ways to use the printable activities please feel free to share them so we can pass them along to your colleagues!

Here is a suggestion for a GREAT way to use our cut out dolls


  • Magnetic printer sheets (available at most office stores)
  • Magnetic display board


  • Print pages 2 through 7 on magnetic sheets
  • Spray the sheets on the printed side with a light spray of hairspray to fix the images
  • Cut out the pictures with scissors
  • Use an envelope or other pouch stuck to the back of the magnetic board to store the pieces.

Have fun with the kids creating scenes on the magnetic board with your patients!