Reducing Nausea

A child experiencing nausea and vomiting becomes a source of stress and anxiety for any parent. Usually the symptoms pass quickly and it is not necessary to feed your child much more than a bowl of chicken noodle soup. However, when children experience prolonged bouts of nausea, common in chemo treatment, it becomes important to identify foods that will not aggravate the situation and will be agreeable to an unsettled tummy. These tips are great for children that are feeling queasy for any number of reasons! – Lu Sipos 

Ways to Reduce Nausea:

  • try foods with minimal odor (scent of food can trigger nausea), such as baked or boiled chicken breast, plain pasta
  • dill pickles may help with the metallic taste sensation caused by chemotherapy
  • offer dry cereal, crackers, toast in the morning as low blood sugar can trigger nausea
  • offer snacks before bedtime or even the middle of the night to avoid an empty tummy
  • find foods your child can tolerate, add one food per day for variety
  • use a cold cloth over eyes when nausea strikes
  • sip clear liquids: tea and Ginger Ale may decrease nausea, flat soda pop
  • avoid fatty, greasy, or fried foods
  • avoid icy drinks, very carbonated drinks, very hot drinks
    tepid peppermint tea
  • Jell-O
  • try the BRAT diet foods: bananas, rice, apples/natural applesauce, toast
    offer Queasy Pops